Pretend two jitsers on the same computer in order to use 2 webcams

Hello all,

since corona lockdown, I use jitsi meet to connect to friends and family for playing board games together. This works fine if only one camera is involved on my side. But I’d like to use an additional USB webcam to show details of the game, while the 1st cam records my face. I’ve managed to achieve this using OBS as a “mixer” for both cams and use its output as a cam in jitsi. But, as you can imagine, the partners would like to be able to change between the “Board cam” and the “Face cam”, depending on the game situation. WIth OBS, the setup is only adjustable by me, where OBS runs.

So, I came up with the idea of using two browser instances to “pretend I am two jitsers”:

  • jitser “Board” is muted and uses the board camera
  • jitser “Face” is unmuted and uses the face camera.

This works - but there’s a hell of feedback sound. Of course, the two “jitsers” I simulate use the same sound output, and the Face mic records the sound of the speakers. So, this narrows down the question: how could I mute the output of one of the instances? A “mute output sound” button or a “null device” as output would be useful.

Any hint in appreciated.

Regards and stay healthy