[Press Release] WeSchool (Italy-based classroom collaboration platform) opts Jitsi Meet over Zoom

Mentioned on: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/remote-education-does-not-require-giving-up-rights-to-freedom-and-privacy

In Italy, WeSchool, an organization dedicated to the digitization of Italian schools, decided to opt for Jitsi over proprietary tools like Zoom to help teachers bring their classes online. We don’t know the full extent of their commitment to freedom, but their effort to provide a platform for teachers aiming to respect the student’s freedom, now that videoconferencing is such an significant part of education, is laudable. Nearly two million students connect, collaborate, and learn via video with the help of this organization.

Congrats to the team and keep up the nice work :partying_face:

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Are you involved in this deployment as a user, admin or commercial provider ?
It’s nice to see some public reports of larger Jitsi deployments.
It’s also disappointing none of the press releases or information include information about the size of the deployment. How many users / rooms are serviced ?

No, I am not.

“Nearly 30 percent of all secondary school teachers in Italy are now using our online classroom collaboration platform, powered by 8x8’s Jitsi.org open-source video conferencing solution

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Still impressive, thank for sharing this! I am an FSF member and got that email but somehow missed that.