Presenter mode

Do you know when the ‘Presenter mode’ feature will be available?
Thank you.

It is already available, you can try it on, just share your screen and once done enable your camera.

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Yes i tested, thank you.
In which version is this available for installation on a standalone server?

Latest unstable.

Is there a date planned for the stable version?

Nope, there is not at the moment.

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Thank you for the great work you share with us.

Hey’all! Is the “Presenter Mode” included in the stable repository of Jitsi already?

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Hi! Can you please give me a hint, where to configure the size of the presenter Videopicture? In the web version the size is way to large.

Thanks a lot!

@damencho The video PIP on the screen share is blocking the content. Can we not move the speaker Video outside the shared screen.

@damencho Now Presenter Mode is available ?


Hello, all. I am happily using the Presenter mode but it made me realize that the main video is flipped! I noticed that the orientation of Presenter mode was opposite from my main video. If I raise my left hand, presenter mode shows it on my right - the perspective of a person looking at me. The main video shows it on my left, i.e., from my perspective which is backwards.

I also noticed when I switched my camera to an external video camera using a Magewell USB capture card. When the camera is off, I get the multi color striped pattern saying No Signal but the letters show backwards.

Can we resize the video picture in the presenter mode? like 50% share screen and 50% video?