Presenter mode blurry


I have installed jitsi on an ubuntu 18.04 along with , Jicofo, Jigasi and Jibri.
Evetyhting works like a charm but the presenter mode.

In fact it works, but when camera in On, the screen is nearly always blurry, with a lot of compression artefacts.

It’s not a BW issue (I have 100mb up and down) or cpu issue, (I guess that a recent 8 core can hanfles this)

Is there any tips to correct this?

thanks by advance.


We are aware of the issue and we are working on it.
@jallamsetty can give more details :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update and great news.

This issue should be fixed now, it was a regression, the bitrate was getting stuck at 500 Kbps when presenter was enabled causing the blurriness. The fix should be available in the unstable repo now.

Hi many thanks for the update.
I’ll give a try as soon as I have time for this or wait for the next stable release.

By the way thank you for all what you’ve done.

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