Presence Status with Asterisk SIP and XMPP accounts

Hey Community,

i tested a lot of features the last days with Jitsi Desktop and i’m really happy about the features.

But i have a problem with the Presence Status. If the Status of the SIP Client A is set to “away” the Client B shows that Client A is available and not away. How could i solve this.

Both clients are registred on a FreePBX Distro ( with a PJSIP extension and with a XMPP account. Everything seems to be working fine, i see the presence in Outlook (only Online / Offline - not away or DND). I can make calls to my cell phone, can make internal calls with or without video or screensharing and i could sent instant messages.

But the change of the Status from client A will not be recognized by Client B or Outlook.

May you have a hint for me, how i could fix this.

Best regards