Presence / Participation Indicator is missing

Hi, (sorry for my english)
Presence Indicator is mising and a counter replaces it on all version after 2019-11-26,
Fresh installation debian 10


You need at least 3 participants in the room to see it. There is no point of having it for 1 or 2 participants.

Ty for this information.
Why have changed that :disappointed_relieved:? I can edit a config file for return to start at 1 participant ?
And you see the count ? It begin always at one hour of conversation and not zero.

Nope that was changed cause somebody was complaining.
For the one hour thing there is a bug open on GitHub and there is workaround, it was something to change you server to use utc.

Thank you damencho for all quickly answers
It’s too bad …
if you have again the url of this topic UTC workaround, I’ll take it.