Pre build SDK without the Toolbar in android and iOS

Dear Community,
I am writing to know that is there any options to hide the toolbar in android and iOS with prebuilt SDK?
I need to hide the toolbox during the conference going on so that user can’t able to control the video and audio.

I have tried last 24 hours to create a new sdk by disabling the toolbar from toolbox.js but got no luck. I can successfully built the SDK but it’s not working with live android project. Please suggest me step by step procedures what I can do for making toolbox disable on mobile.
For your information:
What I have tried is in the provided github link.
Thanks for your time in advance.

Finally, I have built a custom SDK of JITSI to hide toolbar without hangup button on android. Working for iOS one.

Github Link:

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Hi @Motiur,

Can you help me step by step process for releasing Android SDK?
I’m out of luck running on Mac.

Never mind. i solved it.