PRAATBOX Issue _ CANNOT HEAR/SEE anyone of the group meeting (while they can)

Hi Everyone.

I need some PRAATBOX guidance for dog school theorie classes who use this programm and I have a problem I’d need to solve.

The host is the Dog School Instructor. She created a private link and shared it to all dog school participants.

All the prarticipants can hear and see each other.

BUT they cannot see/hear me.

AND I cannot see/hear them.

BUT I can see/hear myself on camera (So I DID give permission to use my microphone and camera, and that’s working fine)

SO the problem is: while I have given all the permissions to use my devices; I cannot join the meeting as all others are totally muted in my session.

(I can only see black screens with their name’s initials and I can see their microphones and camera’s muted)


Dog School Instructor doesn’t n-know how to help me… And my pup is growing & (un)learning every day as I’m struggling with this IT problem :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Thanks for any help

What is your device?
Desktop, mobile phone, tablet…

What is your network environment?
Corporate network, home…

Did you try to connect using another device or browser?

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Device: Apple Laptop
Network environment: Home (it’s a dog school private session)
Browser: google chrome → this should be the best (safari doesn’t work)

There is a button: MUTE ALL OTHERS
Is there a button UNMUTE ALL OTHERS? Or how can I change this back from mute to unmute?

AND can I do this? As I’m not the host but a participant

The host says she cannot change this

This may be related with Chrome version. See this topic

If its version is v92 you may try to upgrade it.

It’s a 93. version
I’ll try Firefox but I expect it’s a problem within my settings _
mute/unmute all others

You don’t need to unmute anyone. There should be another issue.
But I have to be offline now. I think community members will help you as soon as possible.

Try joining from your phone (using mobile data). Let’s know if that makes a difference.