Powerpoint prentation und End-2-End (2 questions)

Hi there,
I set up a Jitsi Videobridge server for our company. this works wonderfully (internally, externally and externally via VPN) and meetings with up to 50 participants (in VP9! :star_struck: ) are possible in good quality and in compliance with data protection regulations. Thanks for that. You have a great project! But I have a problem that I can’t solve. If a participant starts a Powerpoint presentation via screensharing, the picture remains on the first slide. Regardless of which browser. We tested Chrome, Edge and Jitsi-Electon. Is there a configuration option that I have forgotten? I’ve read about this problem here in the forum several times, but I’ve never found a real solution except: Firefox doesn’t work. Can someone help me?

Then I have another question: During my tests I noticed that the end-to-end encryption does not always work … E.g. with 20 participants (all Chrome v94.x) it does not work with 3 participants ?! Same browser, same hardware (all have the same HP ProBook 455 G8 notebooks). But it doesn’t work with 3 people. Any idea?

Thank you very much for your efforts!

you may want to try with Firefox as all these software are based on Chrome. See this

Somebody told me he solved this problem by sharing his 2nd monitor, with the ppt presantation being there on fullscreen.