Potential license issue with virtual backgrounds feature using Google Meet segmentation model

You recently published a blog post on the new virtual backgrounds feature.

This is based on the MediaPipe Meet Segmentation model published by Google on January 21, 2021 (Model Card Xeno Meet Segmentation Jan 2021.pdf - Google Drive).

This model is actually licensed under Google Terms of Service (https://policies.google.com/terms).

The Google license is “non-assignable”, which means we not allowed to assign the license to anyone else.

Isn’t this a problem, in particular when we use Jitsi for commercial purposes?

We are tracking this in Missing license for background segmentation model · Issue #8792 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

The first model card was released under Apache 2, then it got changed to the Google Terms of Service.

We are seeking legal clarification on this, but if you are going to use Jitsi commercially I’d suggest you do the same on your end.

Hey saghul,

do you have any further information on this topic?
Did you got a legal conformation for this feature?

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