Possibly irritating question, but in 2022 currently what is the maximum number of participants that can join free jitsi?

If I create a meeting from this website: https://meet.jit.si, then how many people can join the meeting?
Is it 25 or 100?

Thank you for answering.

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500 for free or is there a paid subscription plan?
Because the website says unlimited free meeting access for upto 100 people and the jitsi as a service has 25 participants in free version.

The website hasn’t been updated. On meet.jit.si, you can host a meeting with up to 500 participants for free.

That is absolutely fantastic. Is there any time limit for the meeting with so many people?


That is amazing to know!
I have one last question, we aim to use to for a talk where there would about 150 or so people, is there a way to block people from kicking some out of the meeting? If yes, then who would have the power to block them?

In the generic Jitsi meeting on meet.jit.si, everyone is a Moderator, so everyone has the power to kick people out. You can instead create a Moderated meeting where one person is a Moderator (with the ability to kick) and others are guests. Look for the Moderated meeting link on the home page where you create meetings (on meet.jit.si).

Found the moderated meeting!

Thank you so much.

I just want to know is the supported 500 participant can be achieved from Jitsi latest stable release and hosted on our own server or any deployment configuration/ change is needed while hosting?

Yes, with adequate resources. You’d need multiple, loadbalanced JVBs.

That means, I have to install and setup jitsi on my hardware and not on the hardware that is provided for free?
If yes, then on the freely provided hardware i.e, I dont have to download anything or setup my own server, how many people can it handle?

You can host a meeting with up to 500 on meet.jit.si for free.

For multiple JVB do you mean Octo configuration setup?
we have deployed version 6726 in our server with octo config that supports ~200 members, as we are trying to scale up the numbers really looking forward to latest stable version that supports 500.

Another question is, for 500 participants how many video can be turned on for users? as lastN value was recommended 10 previously, what should be the update for lastN in case of ~500 users

We default to 25 for meet.jit.si, but it doesn’t matter much, you are not going to be able to ingest that many videos.

I see,
and loadbalanced JVB refers to Octo setup?

hi @saghul . I have a question.
Suppose, I have set lastN value high like 50, then what happens. You mentioned that

What’s Jitsi will decide here? Does that mean Jitsi will forcefully take a small lastN value (say 10/25) in this case and work that way Or Video bridge will try to accommodate this 50/ any high lastN value and then might collapse?

The JVB will estimate your bandwidth.

Then it will start allocating participant videos according to active speaker until all your estimated bandwidth is exhausted, with a max of last N.

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hi @saghul. Many thanks for the answer.
As we are really into this scaling up thing and huge member list part, one other thing we noticed that in recent versions (7287) there is no config settings for lastNLimits.

// For the given example mapping, “last N” will be set to 20 as long as there are at least 5, but less than
// 29 participants in the call and it will be lowered to 15 when the 30th participant joins. The ‘channelLastN’
// will be used as default until the first threshold is reached.
// lastNLimits: {
// 5: 20,
// 30: 15,
// 50: 10,
// 70: 5,
// 90: 2
// },

It was present in previous veriosn 6726. So, now what should be lastN value in case of these examples like 5,30,50,90,…,500 participants? Specially for 500 participants will lastN of value = 25 work?

That setting still exists. We are currently not using it though. Wet set channelLastN to 25. This works well foor 500 participant conferences too.