Possible to set password (or lobby mode) while creating room?

I am new to Jitsi and need it to support public and private meetings. I have installed a server on Ubuntu 20.04 with the default packages. Lobby and passwords and all looks great. It’s using secure domain successfully.

Problem now:

  • I advertise a room name (e.g. let’s meet Monday at 9a at …)
  • some folks come really early, before I am able to start session, they get “waiting for organisator” - fine
  • I create room before the meeting - now room has no password assigned, waiting participants can enter (!)
  • only after that I can set password (or lobby mode)
  • I know I could kick existing participants, but this is quite rude and may lead to misunderstanding

Is there any way (other than being even earlier ;-)) to set password (or lobby mode) during session creation (in an atomic way)?


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Check out this post - Persistent Passwords on Self Hosted Rooms? It should help.

Thx! - this looks like a perfect fit :+1: Will try it.