Possible to forward a live home security video on Android to Jitsi?


I live in a block of seven, ground-level apartments and we have a lot of problems with non-residents causing noise from “hot” cars revving their engines etc in our driveway and carport area at any time of the day or night. If I put in a security camera to monitor the area for movement and noise, is there some way the live feed that I would get on my Android phone could be forwarded to a Jitsi host so that other residents could see what is happening - even when they aren’t at home?


No need to Jitsi for this. I you put an IP camera, the residents can see what is happening using a web browser. But the internet connection is needed for the IP camera.

The problem is that the only access I have to the camera is via the camera manufacturer’s Android app on my phone - hence my question. Now if there was a way of hacking the camera’s firmware on the private LAN, I could then make its192.168.1.x IP available to the Internet via port forwarding on my modem-router - but I am guessing the manufacturer has made having direct access to the camera impossible . . that would severely damage their on-selling of video storage services . .

Most IP camera has a web interface. A search using the camera model/code can be helpfull.

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Ah! Your suggestion paid off - now I am a bit closer . .

After many dead ends, I finally found a page that suggested a connection URL using RTSP - so while I can’t connect via a browser, I can connect via mpv! So now I need to look at convenient apps for other people (I use Fedora Linux) who are mostly going to be Windows or Mac users . .


As an alternative, you can push the stream to Youtube Live or any custom RTMP server. So everyone can see it

Something like that:

ffmpeg -v quiet -stimeout 3000000 -allowed_media_types video -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://camera_ip/path -c:v h264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset:v ultrafast -c:a copy -f flv rtmp://destination_address/stream/name
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Excellent! I will have a look at that too!