Possible to create a speech timer overlay?

I work with Toastmasters public speaking clubs who conduct their meetings online. Would it be possible to add a speech timer that would display green / yellow / red timing indicators as an overlay in the corner of the screen? We’ve been doing that in Zoom with virtual backgrounds, but it can be awkward if the speaker looses sight of the video feed from the timer. The ideal speech timer would remain visible at all times.

Is this something that could be added with the Jitsi API? A persistent video overlay in a corner of the screen? If so, would it require Java coding skills to achieve or is there some REST API that might be employed?

There is already a timer for the conference and speaker stats you can open …

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s a timer that shows elapsed time since the start of the meeting. I am looking to display timing for a specific speech or presentation. Need to be able to start and stop it for each speaker. And actually, it should be a display showing just green / yellow / red depending on whether the speaker has met the minimum time requirement (green) or is in danger of running over the max time allowed (red). So it would be custom for a specific application, but my question is whether there are API hooks that could be used to make it possible.

web based example here https://wp4toastmasters.com/?timer=1

I don’t think there is anything in the iframeAPI to make it work

Okay, thanks for clue-ing me in