Possible Bug - React Native Jitsi meet SDK

There is a bug i think Issue link its not about library itself, i think its about jitsi-meet view not mounting on the screen properly when using Navigation libraries.

When i join conference first its shows black screen but console log says joined and i can see the phone camera from my chrome tab same room, when i go back and join conference again it works properly.


1.I kill the app from background
2.Click app, click button to join conference
3.Apps shows blank black screen but console shows joined and i also confirm user joined the conference i can see the phone camera from my chrome tab in the same room.

4.i go back and click button to join conference again and it is showing the conference screen properly.

I Used every code described on readme

      setTimeout(() => {
        const userInfo = {
          displayName: 'User',
          email: 'user@example.com',
          avatar: 'https:/gravatar.com/avatar/abc123',
      }, 500);
    <View style={{backgroundColor:'black',flex:1}}>
            style={{flex: 1,height:'100%',width:'100%'}}

and this is not modal screen it is root screen of the app.

also i tried 2.4.0 2.5.0 2.6.1 with hermes engine on, the result same and i also created new project. and tried with permission granted first and implement the JitsiMeetView component its still same. This is not about asking permission first i can confirm.

We are noot he mainainers of that library, nor use the Navigation libary, so I don’t know what is broken or how to fix it. If there is aanything you find which can make the interaction better, please send a PR!

I’m facing the same issue. Did you solve that?