Possibility to track pranksters on Jitsi meet?

Dear community,

our primary school children (9-10 years of age) had a video conference via Jitsi Meet lately. Some prankster managed to bust into the session and to show pornographic content to the kids. Even when asked to stop and being informed that they are dealing with a bunch of kids, these guys just laughed and carried on. Any chance to find out the IP addresses of these guys via log files when we turn in this case to our local police? Thx in advance Michael

P.S.: Root cause for the pranksters being able to bust into the session was an insecure meeting link. The teacher has got a proper user training, so it won’t happen again. Nevertheless, we would like to make a point about the pranksters hurting our children.

enable Lobby, I don’t know if it’s possible to find their I.P. adress

This is for self hosted installations:
You can get the IP addresses of your participants from the nginx (or any other webserver) logfiles in /var/log/ … If that happens multiple times, then maybe you are able to find out a pattern and know who it is. Usually, no matter what country you are living in, you have to inform the police and then they can have access to the user data from the dial-in Provider.
In a case i followed the disturber was another child, who got the URLs and passwords from other pupils, and thought this was funny.

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