Possibility to hide moderator?

We’re looking forward to some jitsi meetings in which we would need to hide the moderator. He would still be administering the talk, but not talking himself. There is the option for the moderator to not see himself during the meeting, is there a possiblity that his participation / his tile is hidden from the entire meeting and all participants?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I have never tried but if you are using Iframe Api following approach should work using javascript and css manipulation, you can test it out

  • Get participant id of moderator you want to hide ( on each client side)
  • hide span or parent div with id=“participant_xxxxxxx” xxxx is participnt id for example id=“participant_0d4883ff”

Thanks for the reply! But unfortunately we don’t use jittsi in an iframe. Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated!

no it’s not possible. Note that I don’t need to check the documentation or code of Jitsi-meet as this would be a huge privacy concern and it would be totally out of character for the project to allow for such feature.
So If you need this possibility you’ll need to develop yourself or pay for the development and maintenance of a custom version of Jitsi-meet.

Thanks for the reply and sorry, maybe we didn’t point out clear enough what we’re looking for - in the meeting itself, the moderator may still be visible, but since he doesn’t do any talking we wanted to make him disappear in the livestream of the meeting, just like the jibri user is seen in the meeting but not in the stream.

Simple way to achieve is use follow me, where moderator can decide whom to show on large video.

Thanks, we’re using follow me already - but only found the option “hide self view” there - with this, the moderator himself doesn’t see his own tile in the conference, but the other participants still do in the live stream.

Oh well, less than 2 weeks after saying it would be very unlikely the Jitsi project would do it, it turns out that they are planning just that. What’s next, the Gazpacho police ?