Possibility of a French section in the forum?

I have been discussing with people from France here and they would much appreciate a French section in the forum to find answers faster from people that speak their language.
I am bilingual so I am speaking on their behalf here :slight_smile:

I can be moderator on that section if needed.

Have a nice day!

It seems like a cool idea on the surface but I anticipate a lot of problems. If people start segregating based on language, the larger community will lose the benefit of the pool of knowledge. I joined a forum of developers sometime ago; they’re all based in Germany and all but maybe 3 speak only German. I don’t speak a lick of German… lol. But these were such great people with such incredible knowledge I wasn’t going to let the language barrier stop me from benefiting, so, I resorted to google translate. It was an extra step, but it was worth it.

If we start breaking out based on languages, next thing you know, we’ll have French rooms, German rooms, Spanish rooms, Portuguese rooms, Italian rooms, Russian rooms, Indian rooms, Chinese rooms and the list goes on. Not good, in my opinion.

I get your point… But I know that for most french people from France, English is a real issue and a barrier to entry. If we could setup a sub-forum only for install and config or quick start… That would be great.
Otherwise, I could try and translate some documentation when I have spare time but there would be a need for a language button on top of the manual.

Pretty sure everyone who speaks some other language other than English would say the same thing, but hey :tipping_hand_man:t6:

Exactly… And if the present community does not provide, people are going to turn to Reddit on un-moderated feeds… not good for the project.

Translated manuals easily diverge is my concern …

english is the de-facto “lingua franca” of IT and science - no matter if you like it or not :wink:

If you have some decades left, go for it …

the “Esperanto” project didn’t come far … :wink:

ps: i’m not native englaise :wink:

Does Google translate take care of this in some ways? I’m not a french speaker so I don’t know how good the translation is. :slight_smile: