Posibility of not getting response from JITSI TRACK_ADDED Event

I am using Jitsi meet in my application which I am using to connect couple of people. But sometimes there is issue that the Event Listener is not getting called. Also the local Streams of the user is getting added into the jitsi. Is there any particular reasoning for this? Can this be solved by using any other way? Please Help…

Looking for help urgently on this…

It’s very hard to give you any answer without any sample code to look at.

Hi Saghul,
I am using Jitsi for p2p call usecase.
Scenario: User1 and User2 are in in a conference. User2 rejoins by exiting and joining again.
User 1 gets event on track_removed whereas Intermittently User1 is not getting track added event. on checking Jicofo all logs looks similar.
Jicofo logs on missed event

jicofo logs when i got event

this.onConnectionSuccess = function(connection){
            this.room = connection.initJitsiConference($scope.meetingId.toLowerCase(), this.confOptions);
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.TRACK_ADDED, this.onRemoteTrack);
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.TRACK_REMOVED, track => {});
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.USER_JOINED, id => {console.log("User joined "+id)});
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.USER_LEFT, this.onUserLeft.bind(this));
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.TRACK_MUTE_CHANGED, track => {});
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.DISPLAY_NAME_CHANGED,(userID, displayName) => {});
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED,(userID, audioLevel) => {});
            this.room.on(JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.PHONE_NUMBER_CHANGED,() => {});

this.onRemoteTrack = function(track){
            console.log("Got Track Added event");  //this is not getting printed intermittently
            let that = $scope.twoWayVideoKyc;
            if (track.isLocal()) {
            const participant = track.getParticipantId();
            if (!that.remoteTracks[participant]) {
                that.remoteTracks[participant] = [];
            const idx = that.remoteTracks[participant].push(track);
            track.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.track.TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED, audioLevel => {});
            track.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.track.TRACK_MUTE_CHANGED, () => {});
            track.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.track.LOCAL_TRACK_STOPPED, () => {});
            track.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.track.TRACK_AUDIO_OUTPUT_CHANGED, deviceId => {});
            const id = participant + track.getType() + idx;
        // adding element here

Does the user disconnect cleanly? As in, is the room properly left?