Port 4443 connection refused

Hi Everyone,

I recently re-installed jitsi-meet on our live server.
I started with the instructions to purge all the current files and then went through the quick install instructions.
Once i got to the end, i tested the project and it opens. It won’t support 3+people on the call, so i started testing ports.

I have been told that all my ports are forwarded to my server properly (ie. 80, 443, 4443, and 10,000)
Port 4443 says connection refused when i test it.

  • Is this an issue with the latest software?
  • Does port 4443 only open for a specific circumstance?
  • Would port 4443 not being open cause the console errors “no opened channel” and “failed to send E2E ping request or response” ?
  • How can i fix this?


if you are running the lastest version, than 4443 isn’t used anymore as a fallback. 443 will muliplex if udp 10000 is not available.

Are you running jitsi behind a reverse proxy by chance?

Hi there,
That would explain 4443 not being opened anymore.
Unfortunately, i don’t handle the creation of the server or management of ports.
My Jitsi-meet is installed on a Debian 18.04 system that i remote login to.
ufw is inactive on the server. I’m not sure if that answers your question at all.

@jmerinchuk check this out: