Porque me botan de la reunión? Why am I kicked out of the meeting?

Porque a pesar de ser el anfitrión de la sala en jitsi, un alumno me bloquea y me bota de la reunión. ¿Como saber quien es el que me bota de la sala y como evitarlo?

Because despite being the host of the room in jitsi, a student blocks me and kicks me out of the meeting. How to know who is the one who throws me out of the room and how to avoid it?

Where are you hosting the meeting?

I have created it through Jitsi and it has generated the link (https: //meet.jit.si/DSI-SEGUNDO …) which I share with my students, but I see that there is someone in the room (one of the students) who is throwing away the teacher and changing the names and we don’t know who he is. My question was if this action could be blocked so that this person does not continue throwing or blocking any member? How to know who is in the meeting? is there any way

In meet.jit.si anyone who enters is by default a moderator, so they can do moderator stuff like kicking out other people.

Maybe you or someone close to you can host a local instance with secure rooms, where now you can create users who are moderators and guest who can’t kick teachers or moderators.

How could a local system work through a hosting or how could it do it?
You will meet someone who can help me how to do it.
thanks for the support.

Well just implement Jitsi Meet software acording with your needs.

I wouldn’t recommend local setups if not for development and testing.
Mostly because of bandwidth, Dynamic IPs and other issues that would come from some ISP.

I would say to get a small vps and a domain or use the one the VPS provider assign to it.

Then set it up.
Maybe you want to take a look at this install script or follow the documentation for more info.


What does that mean “host a local instance with secure rooms”?

Means, have your own jitsi server installed, and user created so you (or anyone with an account you create) are considered moderators.

And only you can create and moderate rooms (not being kicked out).

I have tried to browse the information you have provided. However I have to admit I am not really into this stuff. I’m just a regular user without limited knowledge in computers. my goal is similar to walther_Manuel_Pulid : I would like to be able to avoid people kicking me out of my own class.

1- Is that complicated when one is a “computer dummy”?
2- Does it imply having specific hardware and software requirements?

We’ll let’s put it this way.

meet.jit.si is great for testing features available publicly at no cost.
But it has the drawback that all the users are moderators, that is a problem for hierarchical meetings for the same nature for being for the open public.

The simplest options I see are,

  1. Rent a vps and set one jitsi meet server for yourself.
  2. Ask someone with a jitsi meet server with secure rooms to lend you an account and work from there.

Most common vps will have the required hardware/bandwidth to support small groups.

If you want to go into specifics you can send me a PM.