Popup close button redirects to another webpage

I am using internal authentication with docker. As you see in the screenshot below, it provides a pop up asking the user if he/she is a host or not.

Issue is, when I press “cancel”, it should stay on the same page. But it redirects me to https://localhost:8443. Is there a way to avoid this and make the user stay on the same page?


No, sorry, there is no way to control that. Why would you want the user to stay in that page? There is nothing they can do.

I mean the host should start the meeting and then the guest can enter. So I want the guest to stay on the same page so he/she can wait for the host to start the meeting.
Also in the popup, it says “please wait for the host to arrive”.

If that is not the case, is it possible so I can at least remove the “Cancel” button?

Well, sure, the guest is already where they need to be. I don’t understand, do you just want to hide the dialog? That would be very weird since it would look as if they are alone in the meeting, when in fact they cannot join until a moderator has granted access.

You’d need to modify the code yourself, we don’t allow the cancel button to be hidden.

yes i would like to modify my code to hide the Cancel button. :slight_smile:
I am assuming it is present in \jitsi-meet\lang, right?
Which json file do I have to change?

If you want to hide the cancel button you’d need to modify the WaitForOwnerDialog component and rebuild the frontend.

Oh okay I found it in AuthHandler.js inside jitsi-meet\modules\UI\authentication.
But I am not able to understand how do I remove the cancel button itself?

I think you’ll need to not pass anything to the onCancel prop.

ah okay great! I guess I have to rebuild it using npm?

Alternatively, I was thinking of duplicating this file and changing contents in it.
After that, linking it in docker-compose.yml as:

    # Frontend
        image: jitsi/web:stable-6865
        restart: ${RESTART_POLICY}
            - '${HTTP_PORT}:80'
            - '${HTTPS_PORT}:443'
            - ${CONFIG}/web:/config:Z
            - ${CONFIG}/web/crontabs:/var/spool/cron/crontabs:Z
            - ${CONFIG}/transcripts:/usr/share/jitsi-meet/transcripts:Z
            - ./web/customfiles/WaitForOwnerDialog.js:/usr/share/jitsi-meet/react/features/authentication/components/web/WaitForOwnerDialog.js

Will this work?

The latter worn’t work because that file gets bundled with the whole app.