Pop-up notification about the offer to install the jitsi meet application

When entering the URL from a new mobile device, a pop-up notification appears about the offer to install the jitsi meet application.
In the interface_config file.js is the MOBILE_APP_PROMO setting: false

In the /etc/jitsi/meet/<url_my_jitsi>-config file.js code added

deeplinking: {
disabled: true

But the notification still appears. How to fix it?

Can you share a screenshot? If you are using a mobile web browser it might be offering you the PWA.

Thanks! It really helped.

Tell me, we configure this “viewer” application for android through the manifest file.json . Is there a similar app for Apple? Thank you again for your good answers!

AFAIK, manifest.json is mainly for PWA. For recommending iOS/android app, you’d use the deeplinking feature:

Yes, that is for the PWA.