Poor video quality on iOS

Good morning community.

We are facing some issues related to video quality with iOS. It seems that when a third participant joins a video-call, the video quality drops considerably.

(Frame of second participant seen in iOS with 2 participants)

(Frame of second participant seen in iOS with 3 participants)

I know that at this point the video is transmitted through VideoBridge rather than a P2P network, but for some reason this change (from P2P to VideoBridge) affects the video quality of the frames received from the other participants significantly more in the iOS client. Our server is running very few meetings at this time and all participants are located in the same country.

So I would appreciate if you can guide me by asking this questions:

  • Are there any settings available to force better video quality received on clients? (I know about “constraints” and “resolution” settings in the config.js file, but I looks that it affects video transmission rather than reception)

  • Why iOS clients may be more affected when switching from a P2P network to VideoBridge?

  • I know some clients try to adjust video quality depending on network bandwidth: Is there any documentation about this? Where this code could be located (react, native sdk, videobridge)?
    Is there a way to force clients to always try to retrieve video in the highest available quality?

  • Which settings could be made in Prosody/Jicofo/VideoBridge to improve video quality?

Thank you very much for your attention, I know there are many questions but we have dealt with this problem for a long time and we did not find the solution.

Greetings and thanks for your time

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Hi Alan - have you identified a fix for this issue. We have just set up the videobridge server and are encountering the same issue.

Hi @zzzbk

We just updated our client apps to latest stable version of jitsi-meet ios client (released in july) and the issue is gone. I guess something in the client’s native code caused simulcast algorithm to send low quality to iOS devices.


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