Poor quality on multiple videobridges

Hi everyone,

I installed a Jitsi Meet Server on a fresh Debian 10 VM with the quick guide and it works like a charm behind our reverse proxy (Citrix Netscaler ADC).
The quality is very good without any lag.

To scale horizontally the service, I added a 2nd fresh Debian 10 VM with videobridge2 installed and configured with this tutorial : https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wiki/jitsi-meet-load-balancing-installation-Ubuntu-18.04-with-MUC-and-JID
When I stop the videobridge service on the 1st, the stream is forced to go to the 2nd and I have multiple problems on the conference :

  • Video quality is not good
  • Not everybody can hear or see everyone sometimes

I read on another post that the installation should be made with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to get better performance, due to java version (11 vs 8).
That’s what I did with a fresh VM but it’s not changing a thing.

I’ve fund other posts in this forum but I didn’t find a solution.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fred78,
I you have installed last stable JItsi-Meet version it is configured with websocket bridge channel.
Do you add your new videobridge websocket proxy on the nginx configuration (https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/web-sockets.md#proxy-configuration) ?
This websocket communication channel between client and videobridge is important for video quality.

I already configured it for the first instance but I didn’t realise for the second.
I configured it for the second instance with the link you gave me and it works !
I had to add the instance’s id first in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties at the org.jitsi.videobridge.rest.COLIBRI_WS_SERVER_ID
Thank you very much !
I mounted a third VM which is a third videobridge and it works too !
Thank you again for your help.