Poor quality of the resulting file

I have a problem. Jibri works and records video, but the output file is of poor quality. Video resolutions are all set.
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Screenshot and logs attached

Can you do a test meeting with 3 participants, then gather logs from your browser’s js console and share?

3 participants will not work. The problem already arises with one participant. I suspect the problem is constraints. You see what’s worth 180

The problem is not constraints. Try a 3 party meeting anyway and gather the logs. And please, either save and upload the logs or take a screenshot. These cam shots are hard to read.

I’ll send the log tomorrow morning. I’m not at work right now. I correctly understood that you need a browser console log?

Yes, the browser console log. I strongly suspect you’ll see some errors there.

It seems that there were no errors, but I will send the log

You’ll need to host a test meeting with 3 participants.

Need a log when i hit the “record” button?

No need to even record, just run a meeting with 3 participants and gather the log at that point.

Yes I can reproduce the same issue. I have reported it here: Poor video quality with live stream and recorded video · Issue #10862 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

I don’t think it’s the same issue. The OP reports not being able to host a 3-party meeting.

Indeed, the 3rd party cannot join. How does this relate to the quality of the recorded video?

If the 3rd party cannot join, it indicates a misconfigured (or not running) JVB. So even if you can get audio/video in a 2-party conference (via P2P), you’ll likely have no working Colibri websocket so no communication of video constraints, video type, etc between the participants. This could certainly cause your quality issue.

Identify and fix the problem with JVB first — as @Freddie says, that’s easiest done in a 3-party meeting rather than complicating things with recording.

Log of two conference participants. The third cannot join
jitsi.lutch.ru-1643346458139.log (37.0 KB)

Yeah, confirms my suspicion. Can you share your nginx config as well as your jvb.conf?

nginx.conf and jvb.conf?


jitsi.lutch.ru.conf.log (4.4 KB)
jvb.conf.log (195 Bytes)

What’s your setup like? Is Jibri hosted on the same server as Jitsi? Is your JVB on the same server as Jitsi or hosted separately?