Poor quality JitSi call

We moved from Zoom based on recommendations see here

Up until the last week the experience has been good, but the last two meetings have been dogged with poor quality.

Would appreciate any feedback from other users if this is an isolated incident.

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We are also facing same since from monday… any issues related to jitsi server…?

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Monday morning was the 1st time we noticed the quality drop off. Today (with 6 people on the call) All of us on Laptop (One using Safari, others using Chrome) One of our callers went onto onto his iPhone and his quality improved. Could it be a Chrome issue?

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We are not finding exact issue. sometimes automatically popup with reconnecting and sometimes connect also video and volume access fail.

any chrome compatibility issues bccause chrome automatically get updates. plz suggest any extensions r anything have to do.

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Another poor quality call today. We are now moving back to Zoom.

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We’ve been running Jitsi Meet get togethers every week since lockdown started, and never had any real problems.

In the last two weeks things have started to degrade though, and this week we had multiple users drop off due to video quality.

This morning, one participant couldn’t even get into the room.

Curious whether there has been a code update that has introduced these issues in the last couple of weeks.

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We are having issues of Poor Quality video calls. It was never like this before 2 weeks ago. It’s not working smoothly with few people.

Please suggest, if it’s related with the BandWidth issue of Public Jitsi Meet Server or anything else.

We are really looking for an solution that what’s exactly making our Video Calls slower since 2 weeks.

We are planning to host our own JitSi private server. We hope that it will resolve the issues.

Just to close this off. We went back to Zoom and reminded ourselves why we had moved to JitSi in the first place. Feature bloat UI.

We took the decision to load our own Instance of JitSi on our AWS.

So far? 100% right move One of our regular contributors said today

this was the first video call I’ve taken part in since lockdown began which has had perfect video and sound quality from all participants throughout.

I had a really interesting chat with @saghul (I hope you do not mind the tag). He said that meet.Jitsi is the bleeding edge version of JitSi. The Open Source download is a few versions behind, hopefully more stable. Makes sense to me.

Not sure if this is what caused the problem, but my view is that in support of the Open Source ethos that is driving the development…if like us you find your self using JitSi… then you need to give something back, by offloading the demo server and get set up with your own instance on your own server

Good to be back :slight_smile:

Hey Andy,

Just to be precise: meet.jit.si is not meant to be a demo server. It’s a testament of what we are capable of. It is also bleeding edge in the sense that we may require a few passes on certain features before we can call them “stable”.

Then there are some specifics. We are currently chasing a problem with some code related to End to End Encryption which runs on meet.jit.si but won’t run on your server unless you enable an experimental flag in Chrome.

That is to say, we are 1000% committed to providing the best possible quality on meet.jit.si. There have been, probably are, and will be issues, but we’ll address them.



Thanks for the clarification. I can see how my loosely worded post could give the wrong indication

All I can report is how the issues we experienced caused us to move backward to zoom. And how we came back:-)

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Hello Folks,

As a data point - I call my 80 year aunt every day using Jitsi Meet. I decided to use Jitsi because it is a) open source, b) seemed to work very well and c) was easy to use. I use your own server. This has been a great thing to use over the recent virus crisis.

I use Chromium on Linux, She uses Chrome on Windows.

Everything has mostly worked great - but yesterday (Thurs July 2nd) the quality was bad and we couldn’t use it. Today (July 3rd) was the same - and we gave up. I noticed yesterday that your “security” UI was a little different and offered experimental “end to end encryption”. I did not enable this but thought that perhaps your recent changes might have affected baseline quality or reliability.

Again - Jitsi Meet’s been great and a god send to people like me - family use, a short call 1:1 daily. Thanks for all your efforts but I hope things improve. A dedicated server is not really an option for us,

Just wanted to say as of July14th the quality issues seem to be persisting through the meet.jit.si site, I have been running scouts meetings through there since lockdown started in March and it just started recently that our group of 65 or six could not have any video and even then the audio and connection issues seem to persist. I have not done all inclusive testing but did want to reach out that there are issuse , not where to file these or follow, github or other system

We had been working hard for fixing those. And we will be doing a release today or tomorrow which should be fixing those.
And all thanks to @Pawel_Domas.

That sounds great, thanks for the great product, is this the best place to give this kind of feed back or is there a better place?

The community forum is the best place.

@damencho Can we help Jitsi team in some regard, like we can offer one server with root access atleast for 6 months. We know that this is not enough but our resources are limited.

I’ve been using Jitsi Meet for online lessons. It’s been great for some months however lately I’m finding the quality drops every time after 15 to 20 minutes. It recovers if I disconnect and reconnect again, but it is becoming annoying. Is there a parameter in Jitsi or the browser (I’m using Firefox) to prevent this downgrading? Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the double post… but today I’m having a Good quality connection with really high 3000kb upload speeds and 140kb downloads… resulting in both users in a two connection call watching a blurred and pixeled image…

Ok, sounds like this is normal (we also experienced issues with the public server). We were going to spin our own server anyway. If anyone is serious about using Jitsi, they should do it. You cannot expect to get 99.9% quality and availability for free. Thank you for the efforts, team!