Poor quality in sharing video


Since the Covid-19-panedmic, I have started an online quiz-thing. I usually make a PowerPoint-presentation, which I share through Screen Sharing. When the slides contain text, there is usually no problem. Audio (in certain music-questions) I send to the contestants by sharing a Google Tab, in which I play the mp3-file.

The problem arises when I try to send video-images. I tried sharing the video by sharing the Google tab where I play it in, but then the image quality isn’t very good. When I shared it through sharing my VLC-player, the quality remains bad.

My question is: in what way can I improve the quality of the video-images?

Oh, I use Jitsi Meet, the free online option for video conferencing.

Looking forward to your reactions,

Video works fine for me, but share video doesn’t work.
Any idea how to share local / remote videos (not youtube!) with a jitsi room in a usable quality?
Do I need to reduce the video quality / resolution to get it work?

Anyone with experience to share video with chrome tab, local vlc or any other way?

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