Poor audio quality

I’m a new jitsi user and when making calls from my laptop, the audio quality is terrible. A lot of static and the audio is choppy. Really hard to understand what people are saying. Are there settings I can manipulate to get better, consistent call quality?

What browser are you using? What audio devices?

Not using Jitsi through a browser, I’m using the Jitsi interface tool that I downloaded to my laptop. Headset connected to laptop.

What exactly did you download?

Trying to attach a pic. It’s a Jitsi interface/app that allows me to make VOIP calls from my PC laptop.

This is the “legacy” desktop client which is no longer being actively developed. Is that what you wanted to install?

Not at all. I only downloaded it back in July as a way to use my Fongo Works account. Is there an updated version available?

I see. Jitsi has (for a number of years now) pivoted to Jitsi Meet, a video conferencing platform. The legacy Jitsi desktop client (what you have installed) is now community maintained.

So I’m afraid that unless someone here knows of some crazy config tweaks you might need to look for a different SIP client.

Thank you so much for your expertise and help!