Poll not shown to participants who join the call after it was created

If somebody creates a poll, everyone joining the room AFTER the poll has been created, doesn’t see it. Same to somebody who got disconnected and rejoins. It works in meet.jit.si, not on our self hosted server (secure domain enabled). I wonder why…

ii  jitsi-meet            2.0.6433-1     
ii  jitsi-meet-prosody    1.0.5415-1  

Probably you did not setup the prosody module.

Component "conference.meet.your-domain.com" "muc"
    modules_enabled = {

Thanks. Would be great if this was enabled by default.

It actually is - in fresh installations. If you’re updating from an existing version however, you have to enable it manually because config files are not overwritten in upgrades.


Oh thanks. That’s why the breakout rooms feature is probably not showing in my instance…

Exactly. Those of us who are upgrading have to manually configure it, but fresh installations have it enabled by default.