Pokernow using Jitsi creates noise in Chrome, also makes fan run hard

Not sure if this is the forum to ask, but hoping so. Participate in online game using, which uses jitsi for its video and audio conferencing. Starting a few weeks ago when running the game a loud buzzing/whirring/bubbling noise goes out to all of the other participants and makes the game unusuable unless I stay muted. The game is supposed to run best in Chrome, and the noise happens there. It will “run” in firefox and not make noise but all of the features don’t work. pokernow is intended to run best on Chrome. Also as soon as the game starts the computer’s fan starts running hard and making noise (but that isn’t the only noise, there is also a weird burbling sound). Running Windows 10 Pro on a Lenovo desktop. If anyone has any ideas about computer settings or chrome settings or how this might be caused by jitsi, would love to hear. Windows is entirely up to date, so is Chrome. Thank you for any thoughts or pointers!

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That game is not managed by the Jitsi team, so your best bet is to reach out to the creator of the game. If I were to hazard a guess based on what you’re reporting, the creator of the game might have switched codecs in their Jitsi instance (I’m assuming they’re not running iFrame against

Maybe go to and run a test meeting with a few participants (or just open multiple tabs in your browser). See if you experience the same thing. If not, then, as suspected, it’s something with the game and how it uses Jitsi (or configures Jitsi).