Pointing FQDN to neccessary?


the Quick instllation tutorial proposes to point the FQDN of the machine to like so: localhost meet.example.org

Is this really neccessary? Can’t I use the server’s public IP here?

Does it apply for IPv4 and IPv6?


I think it’s only necessary if you want to test the app with custom certificates in a test server. In fact if you do that you’ll not be able to get a real SSL cert. I’ve installed a few instances in the last week overriding that step and all are working fine.

Hi, I have similar questions.

What I’ve been wondering are:

  • When I have to point the jitsi-meet server’s FQDN to the loopback address(es)
  • Which processes (programs) require it and what do they use it for
  • What happens without it

I guess it’s required only when the server doesn’t own an IP address associated with the FQDN (e.g. the server is behind a NAT and the address is actually owned or controlled by the NAT) but I’m not sure.

[EDIT] I briefly tested such a case on a containerized environment (FreeBSD jail) but it seems working without “ FQDN” entry.[/EDIT]

It would be great if someone could answer those questions.
Thank you.