Plugin or webservice to schedule Jitsi meetings

Looking for a standalone solution to schedule and send invites for Jitsi meetings. Either as a plugin or as a webservice.

Found this, but appears to be tied to 8x8 JaaS

This needs to go to our on prem solution for Jitsi and also mailservice

Any advice is appreciated!

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Thanks for sharing, interesting! Did a quick trial and error and found no integration for shooting out invites via email, is this correct or am I missing something?

What is the error?

You may try it on without installing

There is no error, the service works as expected. But I cannot find where to send invites via email or a calendar, a feature we would need to get a 100% replacement. This is not available in the service right?

Yep, there is no such thing in this app. It creates invite links only but it doesn’t manage the appointments

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