Plug-ins for adding Jitsi Meet links to appointment requests/emails

I think these would be useful add-ins for 3rd party products.
An example of what I’m talking about… Microsoft has plug-ins for Outlook that create a button on the toolbar that says “New Skype Meeting” or “New Teams Meeting”. All it does is create a new meeting in the calendar that’s pre-populated with a link that launches the video conferencing app. I can send the meeting request to anyone with an email account and it sends as an iCal file that they can import into their calendar and then they have the link to the video conference meeting in their calendar ready to go when the time comes.

Some clever developers could probably make similar plug-ins for Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and/or Gnome Evolution where a new “Add Jitsi Meet Room” button may exist on the toolbar and it creates the same text that you would get from the “Share link and dial-in info for this meeting” button that exists within Jitsi Meet rooms. I would love it if the “Add Jitsi Meet Room” button existed both in new appointment dialogues as well as new emails.
Maybe it could have an input field for “Meeting name” or it could create a random room name to make things simple.
It would probably need some preference options for users to enter self-hosted server connection info though.

Currently, I have to open a Jitsi Meet room in the browser, go to the “Share link and dial-in info for this meeting”, copy that, and paste it into a meeting request. Not a big deal, but a one-button-press to do the same thing could be really nice.

(It’s pretty nice that the iOS and Android Jitsi Meet apps have a one-button function for adding that info to existing calendar appointments.)