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could u pls help me with understanding of function calls between jitsi frontend and backend and architecture of 4 components web, prosody ,jicofo,jvb work flow

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Take a look here Architecture | Jitsi Meet

i cant able to understand calls between them pls explain

The client and jicofo connects to prosody and communicate via xmpp.
Read it and if you have specific questions please ask them.

how jicofo connect to client and jvb

The client (web browser) connects to the web server (Nginx or other) over HTTP. Web server to XMPP server (Prosody) over XMPP. In a MUC room in XMPP there is a communication between all the components - Jicofo manages what has to be done and where, JVB (Jitsi Videobridge) listens there too and it is the service that distributes all the media streams. The client gets the audio/video streams that are intended for it and displays them inside the webpage of the room.

This is as abstract as I can put it. More details are in the architecture diagram @damencho linked.

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for connecting with jicofo and jvb prosody uses which port?

Jicofo and JVB connect to Prosody on 5222/tcp (the standard client-to-server XMPP port).

The web client connects to Prosody on 5280/tcp, but this is locally proxied through special addresses in the web server, so it’s in fact part of the web browser HTTP connection.