Plenty of bandwidth, poor video

I built a server using the following;

I then added auth and everything seems to work just fine.

The server is a vm with 8GB/4vcpu, on a host that is not overused, connected to the Internet using a 1GB connection.

We tested the server by opening two sessions from the same location that has a 50Mbs service but the video was terrible.

I looked at the load on the vm and it was negligible then looked for anything using up the bandwidth at the remote location and there wasn’t anything.

From what I’ve read, I should have more than enough resources to at least be getting nice clear video with only two users.

I’ve also red countless articles and posts from others trying to figure out their own problems but as there are so many combinations that didn’t help, I thought I would post. Maybe someone can ask more questions so I can provide more details if needed but I’m not sure where to look at this point.

When you have 2 users, jitsi typically would be running on p2p mode and not the bridge, try adding a third user and see what happens.

Also try different browsers, to my surprise I get a better video quality when using Firefox, as for Chrome, the quality is awful and there is a constant “saving bandwidth” issue.

Is there a particular extension or plug-in that helps or causes video freezing and audio garble in Jitsi ? Keep it simple please; I am a naive user.

Papillon, you should start your own post so your question is not lost in mine.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give those ideas a try and update this post once I have the results.

Sorry jitsum,

Never had a problem like this before. Am new to posting. Have no idea how to start my own post.

There is no problem. I’m just suggesting you post your own question so that yours is not lost. Mine is specifically about poor video, not what you are experiencing.