Please vote to prioritise support for 100% browser coverage on all desk & mobile devices

I can see many threads discussing why Jitsi does not 100% cover all browsers on all mobile devices (and also safari/firefox on pc/mac). Recently some work was done to attempt to partly fix this, but coverage is still not complete and every discussion about it seems to come to a dead-end. We know it can be done because most similar commercial products fully support all browsers and mobile devices.

Sadly it does not appear to be a priority for the core dev team. We all fully appreciate the amazing product they have built. But as a community I wonder if there are a lot of people who, like me are disappointed that 100% browser/mobile coverage is not a priority.

Please vote here by liking or adding a comment to show you would like this to be prioritised. Thank you, Steve

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you are the community ?

so if I and perhaps a few others wanted to contribute some development resources to focusing on the 100% browser/device aspect, how would we begin (I am new to such open source communities so forgive me if it is a silly question :wink: