Please keep up to date list of browser compatibility!

First of all, many many thanks to everyone who makes Jitsi possible!

As people are now realizing how unsafe Zoom is, some will switch to safer and more trustworthy options, but in my experience, most won’t (they will just add some measures to minimize the risk). As I try to show that Jitsi is a valid and safer alternative, I need some accurate up to date info on browser compatibility. (Just as people don’t like to change their video calling apps, many also don’t like to change their browsers). I have been reading other discussions on browsers, but would like more clarity.

May I please ask, if possible, for a place (please not only twitter, perhaps on your FAQ page?) with an up to date list of the major browsers and their compatibility for Jitsi Meet: which are optimal, which are not optimal (yet) and if they aren’t to what effect (like is it an issue on speed, and if so, from what number of users would this be a serious problem)? Having this clear information would help tremendously in informing people who are new to it. I wouldn’t want them to try it, and then relinquish it, because it has unexpected issues.

Here is my attempt, based on what I can find. Please correct and add where needed:

  • Optimal browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium (any others? I tried Opera which didn’t show any browser warnings, does that mean it’s optimal?)
  • Browsers in the process of optimization: Safari (meaning it runs slower? Roughly when is optimization expected?)
  • Non-optimal browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, …? (what is the effect of not being optimal?)

Many thanks!

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for what it is worth here is my understanding right now ( which is non authoritative - just what I have picked up - you will have to find your own evidence :slight_smile: )

  • Chrome / chromium - great / optmial (except on iOS)
  • Firefox - bit buggy and also may cause extra load for everyone (not just FF user) because of their current webrtc simulcast / simulstream implementation (may be out of date info ?)
  • IE / older Edge - nope - give it up
  • Edge-chromium (recent Edge built on chromium) - haven’t tried it myself but heard positive feed back - presumably because chromium works well
  • Opera - no idea
  • Vivaldi - no idea
  • Safari - not sure - think it doesn’t work well - but not sure

As regards what might work better when - I think this has more to do with the browsers than jitsi - mainly around webrtc implementations - I think it is a ‘living spec’ so constantly on the move, with some browsers keeping up better than others

As I say this is all a bit anecdotal, but hope it helps a bit

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FYI Vivaldi is also built on Chromium.


Opera works fine with Jitsi Meet because it´s a Chromium.

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