Please Join me in saying “THANK YOU” to the Jitsi Team! 💯

[Warning - Loooooooong post]

You did not discover gravity
Or invent the electric bulb
You didn’t even invent video-conferencing
But you have indubitably earned your star in the enviable Hall of Greatness
After all, greatness is what happens when ordinary people do ordinary things extraordinarily
And in this regard, you continue to excel
I salute you.

As the year comes to an end, many of us are taking the time to look over how we’ve spent the year. We look around to appreciate those who are in our lives and we take time to let them know what they mean to us. So today, I want to dedicate this thread to you, O awesome Jitsi Team. I doubt that you realize the impact of your gift to the world, how lives are being changed by your dedication and generosity. In a quiet, yet unmistakable way, you’ve helped to keep food on millions of tables - some, by creating a new avenue for entrepreneurship for them, others, by simply helping them make sure they are able to save the little they have during a global crisis, while still being able to stay connected with their loved ones, without having to surrender their privacy. Perhaps someday, a book will be written, a documentary made and countless will get an opportunity to share their stories of how Jitsi helped them create a new life, or keep the one they had and loved, but till then, today, I want to publicly acknowledge, recognize and thank you - on behalf of myself and the entire Jitsi community globally.

When I chanced upon Jitsi, it was already a complete solution - it had everything I needed and provided the framework for me to build to get everything else I wanted. But you didn’t stop. You don’t stop. You continue to build daily on what’s already a remarkable piece of human engineering, improving it in ways we didn’t even anticipate (or sometimes, think possible). Just this year alone, you gave us stable VP9 out-of-the-box with an automatic switch to VP8 if client is lacking in capacity, you made large meetings possible, introducing pagination so it works even with meager resources, you completely redesigned the UI, presenting us with a sleek, sexy, brand new interface with better tool management, you threw in reactions with sound for effect, you promoted background blur to virtual backgrounds with better rendering and the ability to customize, you snuck in the participants pane which is now taking on a life of its own being a forest for new features and an improvement of existing ones, you ramped up Jibri to record in Full HD by default, enhanced conference moderation by providing advanced AV tools to allow or disallow audio and video (I don’t know of any one else out there that does this for video), and finally, you’re wrapping up the year with the landing of the much requested Breakout Rooms! Wow, I’m running out of breath just recounting this! All of this in JUST ONE YEAR! And I’m pretty sure I left out a few things. Absolutely impressive! Yes, granted some of these were contributions by other people (and we truly appreciate those developers), merging them into the Jitsi framework and making sure these features work in the entire ecosystem is work that cannot be overlooked.

To me, Jitsi is really just incredibly seductive. It’s like that person you thought you were just going to flirt with out of boredom or a need for some transient excitement, but you get so mesmerized by them as you both converse, and the next thing you know, boom, you’re in this full-blown relationship and didn’t even plan for it! :rofl:

Honestly, I just want to thank you - from the bottom of my heart. I hope you read this and I hope in some little way it helps you to realize the impact you’re having in the lives of countless people you may never ever meet in person. I hope it lifts your spirits, especially in those frustrating moments when you’re doing the absolute best you can and the comments from a tiny, but loud few in the community make you question whether it’s even worth it and make you consider throwing-in the towel. I want you to know…


We see you for all the love you put into this project, your undying zeal to continue making it better, your strength in dealing with the unfair criticisms that sometimes come and your patience in hand-holding even the least knowledgable to help them enjoy all the benefits of that which you give so freely. It is not at all hyperbole when I say I’ve personally never seen this anywhere else.

@emcho I want to thank you for your vision and for being the quiet rudder that steers this massive ship behind-the-scenes. Your discipline - both in your personal life and in your tireless dedication to make every new day with Jitsi better than the previous - is beyond admirable (yes, I went digging and saw some of your old pictures :wink: ). You are a stalwart, firm but approachable and unquestionably in love with the Jitsi project. We are all indebted to you. Thank you!

@damencho I want to call you out too specifically because to many, in the community, you are the Face of Jitsi (thank God you’re not ugly :joy:). Seriously though, I truly admire you - not so much for your knowledge as for your patience and genuine desire to help. I honestly don’t know how you do it, but I think I want to be like you when I grow up. :grin: When it comes to dealing with people, you’re a lot of things that I’m not. And I respect that. While I wouldn’t trade my feistiness for your more enduring indulgence, I see and appreciate how you’re able to move things forward without getting bogged in unnecessary back-and-forth. Man, I appreciate you. Thank you so much for always being there, even when it’s obvious darts are being thrown at you while you’re doing your possible best to help. You are just different - in the most amazing way possible. Thank you for being the access door to the backend development team. Thank you for loving Jitsi enough to inspire all of us.

To the entire Jitsi team: I don’t want to start singling people out for fear I may skip some names, please know we see you and we appreciate you. Some of you pop up here in the forum occasionally, most of you don’t, but we see you and we see your work. We are truly grateful and indebted to you. Thank you for believing enough in the vision of Jitsi to stay committed to improving it daily. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Finally, I want to thank the dedicated contributors who keep this community going with their tireless efforts to help. I know they share my sentiments about the Jitsi team and I believe I speak on their behalf in thanking all involved. But I also want to shine the spotlight on them and thank them for their tireless efforts in the community. @emrah and @shawn, my regular buddies, I freaking appreciate you! @corby, @gpatel-fr and @metadata, the other knowledge bases that eagerly share with the community, thank you all! You make this journey the excitement that it is. And while we may not always agree on approach, I think we all share the passion for helping when we can, as best as we can. Thank you, comrades!

If you’ve read this far, you’re patient… and dedicated… and exactly the type that we want (and need) in this community. :rofl: I want you to join me in saying “Thank you” to the team, in your own words. No, you don’t have to write an epistle like I just did :joy:, but a simple line to share your appreciation would go a long way. Let’s take this moment to publicly appreciate the Jitsi Team.

While they won’t accept donations, one way we can definitely give back to the team is by subscribing to and marketing JaaS (Jitsi as a Service) - Please, never let go an opportunity to get the word out there. It helps - a lot! Another way is to be an active (helping) member in the community - not just showing up when you need help, but sticking around to help others with the knowledge you’ve gained.

Lastly, I have to share that my one genuine wish for Jitsi is that 2022 will be the year when Jitsi officially becomes a verb . It is so well-deserved and well overdue!

Thank you again, Jitsi afficionados and Happy Jitsi-ing, everyone! 2022 here we come!!!



@Freddie you have said it all. Thanks to you too for supporting community.
Best of luck to all jitsi community.


Ditto to everything and everyone Freddie mentioned. Absolutely agree with all that. I am in awe of the dev and product folks behind Jitsi, and truly appreciate the good work they do. Thank you!

And many thanks to the whole community – your unlimited patience and knowledge is a true inspiration. You are all awesome!

Shout out to @Freddie for being “lowly qualified, supremely unknowledgeable, and inappropriate” :wink:

P.s. @jbg – I’ve learnt loads from your posts, thanks mate.


Well said @Freddie. Thank you!

Special thanks to @damencho and @saghul for all the guidance and support. You guys are amazing and your teams have done fantastic work! :raised_hands:

I also have great appreciation for those few in the community that seriously ‘hang in there’ (back and forth) on a user’s problem until resolution - - even if that exact same issue has already been explored countless times. @Freddie @emrah @shawn • talking about you guys! :muscle:


I am a semi-retired software engineer who has worked in the aerospace and banking sectors for almost 30 years and I have to say that I am more than impressed with you guys - all of you. Jitsi is a great product and, from what I see, it will become even greater. Some advice: Don’t get caught up with all those twits who try to compared Jitsi to Zoom (e.g. … but Zoom does this or that …). Jitsi has it’s own path.




Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the Jitsi team. I started tweaking with Jitsi at the starting of my professional career around 2 years ago and faced a lot of silly problems and got a lot of help from this community. And special thanks to @damencho and @saghul as they patiently answered even my silly questions with the true intention to help. The Jitsi now has evolved to a lot more than my starting time and kudos to the Jitsi team for this to help the people like us in the time of most need, the pandemic…! I also want to give thanks especially to all the ones who even helped me once and I will also try my best to contribute always with the little knowledge I have.

Stay blessed, the heroes of the best open-source video conferencing solution in the world who are actively contributing to Jitsi or to the community :heart:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who has helped us!

@damencho @saghul @metadata @emrah @Freddie


A big thank you to the entire Jitsi team. @emcho @saghul @damencho
Special thanks to @Freddie @emrah @shawn. I have learned a lot from you guys.


Thanks to the coronavirus for making me meet this big community and Jitsi


When the coronavirus arrived my company was in the bridge of bankruptcy … we were in travel & hotels vertical so you can imagine the outlook , must of our customers closed and stopped paying the bills.

Then we got a customer who wanted to develop a medical videoconference solution but the budget was really tight… several companies were looking for the contract , some big ones were offering Cisco, chime from Amazon and so on.

Thankfully I crossed with jitsi almost by mistake… I was amazed with the software, yes it had its opportunity areas but in no time I was able to present a Proof of concept and offer to the customer a price no other company was able to do.

Thanks to @emrah and @Freddie and of course @damencho when a bump in the road presented there has been always help available.

I just want to thank all the community and the team of jitsi for keeping this great solution up to the challenges.

Proud of being part of this community.


First of all … Thank You @Freddie to put everything so beautifully and creating this thread of opportunity for the community to thank, respect and celebrate everything Jitsi!

I haven’t seen such vibrant and focused product as well as community. And, I see both getting better and better everyday. :love_you_gesture: I’m a daily visitor here for last 2 years and have been silent all the time. But, I don’t want to miss the opportunity today to Thank Jitsi Team and all the helping community members out there.

Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank You All! :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:


All the best to the Jitsi team and to the entire Jitsi community.

@Freddie, your presence, and involvement in this forum are bringing a lot of happiness to the community. :grinning:

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I am “accompanying” the Jitsi team already many years as enthusiastic user. Although I am not able myself to code I am hosting now my self-deployed cloud server running Jitsi Meet, which I am using with family and friends - everything only possible because of the great Jitsi team and the supportive environment on the Jitsi forum.

Wishing everybody a Healthy Happy New Year! Thanks for all your contributions to the open source community!


:+1: :+1:

you guys are awesome and helpful,
only one request is to help beginner also because jitsi is too big and difficult to understand.

Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the kind words! Jitsi is here and is what it is with the help of the community, thank you all once again!
Wow it is more than 18 years now :slight_smile:
And for fun - 11 years since the project is named Jitsi.


Thanks @Freddie for saying what many of us were thinking! Also wanted to add Polls to the list of exciting new features added in 2021.


Add the Winning over the classroom with Jitsi hackathon too


Thank you all! you are all fantastic :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: