Please improve installation documentation

IMHO this forum is flooded with unnecessary threads from users who either

  • do not fully and carefully Read The F****cking Manual or
  • do not understand the configuration settings

The latter could be adressed by improving the documentation about the installation and configuration.

The same issues appear here several times a day in the forum e.g. “no audio/video”, “users kicked out > 2 users”, “invalid certificate” …

I think many users - who do not understand the internals of Jitsi and Webservers - are quite confused about the various parameters e.g. Ports, IP-Adresses, Certificates, NAT, STUN, TURN, HARVESTER and so on…

The verbal description of the configuration may not be sufficient?
I think a few diagrams for the basic setups would be very helpful - with a few labels showing the different parameters!?

And we are not talking about large/complex setups with multiple videobridges or similar…

And a chapter with Typical Issues may also help?

Just my two cents…

Its true, the Jitsi problem is haven’t good documentation.

I have very easy questions and not find reply:

-Question 1: Some questions
-Question 2: Is Jitsi recommended for an school?

Zero information in docs and forum, I’m web programmer and everything is very ambiguous in this system.

This is the best forum: always 0 replies, 0 support and 0 documentation :((((