Please Help! Really Poor Jibri Recording Resolution

Still researching but can’t found any clue … :frowning:

@Freddie I found out that if jitsi and jvb in same server. The quality of video is better. How do you think?

There are many situations which affect the recording quality. One of them is the receiver’s (jibri in this case) bandwidth. But mostly this is not the main problem because if JMS and jibri are on the datacenter then they shouldn’t be a bandwidth issue.

Mostly the problem is on the sender client side. Poor CPU or the outgoing bandwidth issue…

It may be also the websocket issue too.

I tested client side has enough CPU and bandwidth. Could you give more detail about web socket issue?

If you have additional JVBs (which are not on the same server with JMS) then you need to customize some configs. If not then JVBs cannot estimate the clients’ capabilities and the video quality will not be high.

If your JVB is on the same server with JMS then don’t worry about this