Please Help! Really Poor Jibri Recording Resolution

Our Jibri recording resolution is really, reeeeeeally poor. Everything ran beautifully, but then, viewing the file after and the resolution was just shockingly disappointing. The file metadata states it’s 1280 x 720 but the recording is not even anything near that.

I found a thread that instructs:

And I don’t mind tinkering with these files (although I’d rather not), if someone can direct me on where to look, what to do e.t.c…

I’ve checked github and I didn’t see a “/opt/jitsi/jibri/jibri.jar” pathway. I’m sure it’s there, I just don’t know where/how to look. Any and all help would be appreciated, please. I know it’s tough trying to point some of these technical things out to a noob, but any kind of hand-holding would be much appreciated. I’ve managed to successfully install Jitsi and then Jibri; this recording quality should not be what would kill my fire. Please help!

These are direct screen grabs from a Jibri recording. Notice how fuzzy the frames are:

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 10.18.55 PM Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 10.19.10 PM

But this was the actual resolution (screenshot and captured with Camtasia):

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 10.27.10 PM

Your issue here probably isn’t the ffmpeg encode resolution, it’s that there’s a network issue somewhere so Jibri is receiving a lower-quality stream from the bridge. This could be bandwidth issues on the Jibri<->JVB link, or bandwidth issues between the other clients and JVB, so I’d look into that.

Thanks for responding, @bbaldino . I truly question this though, because I’ve had the same results testing it out on my own, logging in with different browsers, different machines and mobile phones. And my LAN bandwidth is over 300mbs up and down. Also, if the resolution is clear on screen and appropriately displayed, why would ffmpeg be reporting something different on the Jibri<->JVB link? And this was my experience even in testing. There’s obvious degradation somewhere.

@bbaldino Can this happen because of too much CPU on the jibri side which can affect the bandwidth estimations and jvb drops the resolution?
@Freddie how is the memory and cpu usage on the jibri machine?

@damencho I ran htop the whole time. Memory was 0.9% and CPU was about 200 (on an 8 core machine), which means about 25% of total CPU usage.

Ok, sounds like it’s not an issue with the other clients. Is Jibri being run on the same LAN as well? It could also be an issue with the link to YouTube. Can you attach all the Jibri logs from when it happens?

Yes @bbaldino, Jibri is on the same LAN. We didn’t link to YouTube, this was just a straight video conference with 6 people. Again, the resolution on screen was perfect (I even had 720p on my own feed, which was a first for me… lol).

Give me a few minutes, let me see if I can pull the logs from last night.

Ok, so this was just Jibri recording to a file?

Also, are you saying you have a monitor on the Jibri machine and are watching the video it’s receiving and it looks good there?

@bbaldino, yes, this was a recording to a file.

I connected to the meeting on my desktop machine and ran htop on the server while the conference was going on to monitor performance. And yes, the video looked AMAZING on screen. Recording with Camtasia or OBS or even taking a static screenshot during the meeting showed clear 720p resolution. The only snag was the Jibri recording.

My server is a bare metal server with the following specs:

  • PowerEdge Server 2x 2.33GHz E5345 Quad Core
  • 16GB RAM
  • 300GB RAID
  • Ethernet - LAN bandwidth 300/300MBS upload/download

Only thing on the server is Ubuntu 20.04, Jitsi and then Jibri.

Ok, just to make sure I understand. Jibri is running on computer A. There is a monitor attached to computer A as well, and on that monitor you see selenium automatically opening (via Jibri) and joining the call, right? And the quality of the call there (on computer A) looks good?

If you can attach Jibri logs (ffmpeg logs from Jibri as well) that may help.

Here’s my setup:

Server (Computer A) - Bare metal, specs detailed in previous reply - OS here is Ubuntu 20.04; hosts Jitsi and one instance of Jibri

Desktop (Computer B) - PC computer, OS - Windows 10, 3.0GHz duo quad core (8 cores), 12GB RAM, 500GB HDD, ethernet connection on the same LAN as Server (Computer A) - 300mbs up and down

Here are the Jibri logs:

Ok computer A is hosting jitsi meet + jvb + jibri?

And you have a client on computer B join a call and then start a recording?

Receive bitrates in Jibri do seem a bit low. Do you have a short sample recording you could share?

Yes to both.

Give me a few minutes, please, let me see if I can find a sample recording.

@bbaldino hope you don’t mind; I sent to your inbox.


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Still looking for help on this if anyone has a solution/suggestion…

I have exactly the same issue and looking for solution as well…

Same problem here and I’m using the latest jibri 8.0-65-gc8ecf75-1

Any solution?

@Freddie @bbaldino Did you guy find any solution? Thanks!

Did anyone have same issue? What’s your opinion in this case?