Please help me, i try installation Jitsi and Jibri, recording only 30seconds without output .mp4

Dear all,
i try installation jitsi and jibri
jitsi: i used linux ubuntu 18.04 desktop
jibri: i used linux ubuntu 16.04 server

when i try, in jitsi only gives information preparing to recording, after 30 seconds, the jitsi gives in inforamation that recording is unvailable

i give attachment jicofo’s log and jibri’s log

please give advice for me.

thank you

browser.0.txt (2.2 MB) jicofo.log (65.8 KB) log.0.txt (66.4 KB)

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Hm, I see this in the browser logs which doesn’t look good:

2020-05-22 04:15:52.056 INFO: [54] browser.leaveCallAndQuitBrowser() [2020-05-22T04:15:45-0400] [SEVERE] 9:26307 "2020-05-22T08:15:45.118Z" "[JitsiMeetJS.js]" "\u003CObject.getGlobalOnErrorHandler>: " "UnhandledError: null" "Script: null" "Line: null" "Column: null" "StackTrace: " Error: Strophe: BOSH-Connection failed: host-unknown

But not sure what would do that, maybe something in the jibri config that’s wrong?