Please help me choose and propose better wording for the new "unsecure" room name warning

As you may have noticed, a new warning appears when choosing a room name that is too common :

I’d like to suggest diffrerent wording, as I explained here. Can you help me improve this ? Any English-language corrections are most welcome too!

Here are a few ideas :

  • “Consider using a unique phrase or ID for the meeting room name. Otherwise unwanted participants may join your meeting.”
  • “The meeting room name is too common, please choose a unique phrase or ID or you risk having unwanted participants if they guess it”
  • “Be advised this meeting room name is too common and could be guessed by unwanted participants. Consider using a unique phrase or ID.”

Which do you prefer ? Can you suggest better wording using part of the above or new text ?

Thanks in advance.

Same sentence except

insecure -> predictable