Please help find, setup and run a server - Conference 1:1 networking, up to 30 simultaneous meetings over 2 days


I am looking for a service supplier - experienced company or an individual.

We have 10+ years experience in event planning. We are running a hybrid in-person/virtual event at the end of October and we want to upgrade our current in-house networking web-app (PHP) with an option to start a one-click seamless video networking.

As far as I understand API would be a perfect solution (not tested the implementation yet) however we can’t rely on a free service. The video networking simply has to work flawlessly.

I would like to see if any of you are able to:

• Find a sufficient/optimal hosting service and consider all the performance/connectivity specifications which would be sufficient and reliable given whatever will be our input parameters (I will clarify)

• Advice on implementation of Jitsi videonetworking into our app such as which parametres should be enabled, customize for our branding, some best practice advice, etc.

• Additionaly (not an obligatory requirement) we would like to sign a supplier contract for this service as a package so that you would take responsibility for all the settings and jitsi hosting and would be liable in case something goes wrong - this would be a great weight off our shoulders as this is not our focus at all.

For how many people?
Please note we are not able to precisely predict the number of delegates at this point, therefore the solution would have to be scalable to accomodate all delegates and possible video meetings. To give you an idea, our last not-covid-affected event was in October for 500 participants and there were only total of 50 meetings agreed and confirmed via our app. However due to a hybrid nature of this event we expect many more meetings this time in case we reach the same number of participants - maybe 30 simultaneous 1:1 meeting, maybe even more. We would communicate our confirmed numbers to you during the event production to ensure we have sufficient resources.

Please note even though the event takes place in 3 months, we would need to decide on the networking solution very soon because this is an absolutely key feature and we need to make sure it works and looks great.

Thank you for your time reading this and I really hope somebody here can help us and I am looking forward to your responses.

Best regards,

Vojtěch Roztočil

Hello Vojtěch,

Great, You are doing amazing work.

Recently We have also launched apps like zoom with web, android, and ios.with top of features of Jitsi.

  • Login with Email and Google
  • Create and Join meeting
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Meeting History
  • Rejoin from History
  • Mute all participant
  • Kick out participant you want
  • Share screen
  • Individual and group chat during a meeting
  • Live Streaming
  • Recording
  • Raise Hand



I can help you for implement your idea based on Jitsi.

Bhawin Gothadiya

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Hi Vojtěch,

What country are you located in? We can provide what you need, but our server data centers are only located in the US.

Jitsi is mostly constrained by bandwidth and the number and capability of cores in the server – memory and drive space aren’t nearly as important. Your description sounds like it would require at least two very powerful servers with high bandwidth, one to run the full Jitsi complement and another for a second videobridge plus a standby cloud-based scalable videobridge VPS for immediate supplementation in case that is not sufficient. In addition, you’d want to customize settings to reduce overall bandwidth such as setting a lower last N to reduce the number of video feeds, setting a lower limit on resolution, etc.

Questions would include password protection including whether your attendees will be logged into your website and would need that login to be extended to video conference access, and whatever other customizations (breakout rooms, multiple moderators, etc.) you might need.

My company is very experienced in Jitsi server management and development. We can provide very powerful 12 Core AMD Ryzen 3900X servers with 150TB bandwidth on a 10gbps port, fully DDOS protected, for $137/mo each (unmanaged price). We would need to determine your needs for complete server management and Jitsi development to determine a budget/supplier contract. If this is of interest, you may private message me here or email

Sam McClellan
Itabix Inc

Hi @Vojtech_Roztocil ,

  1. Actually there are a lot of cloud providers you can find. Out of them in my experience, AWS is the perfect solution for your hosting. Because if you need to do load balancing and other kinds of stuff this would make them easier.
  2. Actually I can setup Jitsi in your own server and branding according to your preference. These are the sample projects which I did previously.
  1. Another thing is if your user base goes fast then horizontal and vertical load balance can be applied.

If you need further more clarification, then please contact me through this email.
For more:-

I just realized you were talking about one on one meetings. In Jitsi, one on one meetings are peer to peer, so they don’t really use server CPU or bandwidth. You could just use a simple VPS for this.

Hi Vojtěch,
I am an experienced Jitsi consultant and have worked on some complex Jitsi installations in the past. I would be happy to help you out on this, as what you are needing done is well within my skill set.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day,

Hi Sam,

First of all thanks for your detailed response above. The event will take place in London however we hope for participants from all over to world to participate as it is a global market event (even by title). The vast majority of our participants is usually from Europe, therefore I guess the best option would be to look for a UK based server?

Would you be able/willing to still partner with us even if you didn’t have control over the server? This means would you help us find the right hosting, setup, maybe help with some implementation tips or even provide the whole package (excluding physical hosting in your case) according to my original post?

Regarding 1:1s - yes, however if it was possible we would love to keep/have the option to make the jitsi instance url visible for one or the other side of conversation to be able to send the link to their colleagues (even the ones not registered to the event) to join them resulting in a group chat of maybe 4-5 people which is what we occasionally see at our in-person events. This is a topic for discussion anyway.

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