Please have "Performance settings" available from the settings option from the main Jitsi web page

I have a user who lives where there is very low Internet bandwidth, and hence they would like to set Jitsi’s “Performance settings” to “Best performance” (i.e. no video) before joining a meeting.

They join the meeting by going to the main Jitsi web page, then enter the meeting name/id and selecting the “Start meeting” button. If the settings available on this page also included the “Performance settings” options, they could ensure that he would join the meeting without video being enabled, and hence the meetings page would load effectively.

(Please let me know if I have not adequately explained the issue. I am hoping it is easily understood.)

An alternative solution would be to use the startAudioOnly config option which I believe is equivalent to setting the performance setting to “Best performance” so no video is sent or received.

To have it impact only a specific user, you can send them the Meeting URL appended with #config.startAudioOnly=true, e.g. Jitsi Meet.

If the user prefers to use manually enter meeting name and start meeting from a site, it shouldn’t be too hard to create a custom landing page with a form that redirects to the meeting with that option appended if a checkbox is checked. Or, the can use Jitsi URL Generator (I’ve just added the startAudioOnly option)


It had not occurred to me that people could use #config.startAudioOnly=true

This is a very simple and perfect solution, as 1) it does not even required a user to find and select the options to then set Performance settings, and 2) it means they can be sent a join meeting invitation via a URL (that includes the setting of their choice). For our situation, that is relatively easy.

Also anyone wanting to join a meeting with audio only, can simply append this to the meeting’s URL.

Now that I have though more about using #config options I am wondering if it is possible to start with other performance settings?

Is it possible to choose low, or standard, or high video performance from the URL? That is choose any of four options between “Best performance” to “Highest quality” ?
I tried a few ideas but nothing changed the performance settings.

constraints: {
    video: {
        aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
        height: {
             ideal: 720,
            max: 1080,
            min: 180
        width: {
            ideal: 1280,
            max: 3840,
            min: 320

minHeightForQualityLvl - The options can be used to override default thresholds of video thumbnail heights corresponding to the video quality levels used in the application. At the time of this writing the allowed levels are:

low - for the low quality level (180p at the time of this writing)

standard - for the medium quality level (360p)

high - for the high quality level (720p)