Please add my language to the Pootle server


I would like to contribute translations for Afrikaans (language code af). Can somebody please add it to the Pootle server? Is that still the correct way to contribute translations? Please let me know if there are any other important considerations.


That language had been added to pootle. Thank you.


Thanks! I uploaded a translation. What is the rest of the process to have it deployed so that I can review it in context?

Please let me know if anything else is required.


The process is that, one ready we push it to master… currently there is no way to test what you have entered in pootle.


It had been pushed to master. You can check it on in 30 minutes or so …


Thank you! A staging server is exactly what I hoped for.

Is it necessary to add “af”: “Afrikaans” to lang/languages.json as well, or will the language automatically appear based on the Accept-Lang header?


Yeah you are right it needs to be added to that file… I forgot I will try doing that later today.


Thank you for the help so far, @damencho! Will it still be possible to add the entry to lang/languages.json, or do I need to file an issue or something else?


Thanks for reminding me :wink: