Please add an option to name (to help hide the caller ID) and add user photo for phone guests in Jitsi meet

As someone who does a Vidcast & has phone guests. Having the guests phone number show is not good.

Hiding the caller ID. Like having it simply say phone participant to others in the call & when recording & live streaming by default.

Even better would having the option where the host can rename the phone contact and change add a photo or gif have been remembered for returning callers as well.

I can crop or blur it out in editing. Also try to allow people I trust to see the participants phone number but this is a an important feature to add especially if anyone ever plans to do a live episodes with phone guests.

Keep on rocking and improving this amazing service.

Thank you.

You can disable the caller id on your sip side and pass only a string like “phone participant” and that will solve your problem for now.

May I have instructions on how I would do this in the web version of Jitsi Meet?

If you mean, you cannot, there the requirement is to be able to see the call-in number.

You can control it on your own deployment, though.

Ah. Think this could be considered for a future update in

Thanks for answering.

Not really, sorry.

Darn. Thanks for letting me know.