Playing Audio From PC

I did a search and found a thread over a year ago implying Audio via a browser tab would be possible shortly.

Has this been implemented on browsers and if so can someone please point me to any info?

PS I am in a French language class and the host is running it from her Win10 but is not IT experienced (but has done it on Zoom) and likes Jitsi ATM!!
She wants to play French conversations from her CD, To ask her to set up a virtual audio server is not an option!

If your teacher is able to browse for files on the CD in the file explorer, it could be possible to open a file with chrome; it will be loaded in a tab and the tab can be shared and the checkbox for ‘share sound’ could be set. I have no idea if sharing a whole application (instead of a Chrome tab) will give good results, but sharing a Chrome tab should work.