Planning a conference in advance and make link persistent?

As far as I understood Jitsi Meet, the conference can not be planned in the future? I can create a link but if nobody is in the conference the conference will be reopened if the first person joins the meeting and the moderator role changes.
Is there any option to plan conforences withour the calendar feature?

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@usefulvid I would love to see this feature incorporated as well.

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So the way this works as far as I understand is that there aren’t conference entities that persist after everyone leaves. The architecture of the app allows you to use any URL though which is very nice.

So basically you can choose a URL ahead of time, no problem. As long as it’s not used by someone else (make sure it’s unique) you can send it out to everyone ahead of time.

Features like adding passwords also persist only when users are in the conference. So you’ll want to make sure to password protect the conference an hour or so before the event if needed, with the password you sent out to participants.

Also, Jitsi Meet (the free hosted version) doesn’t have moderator roles. Anyone in the room can kick anyone else out as far as I know for instance.

Me too!

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Self-host on VPS via docker (jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet)

I just checked my setup and I do have moderator roles. You need to turn authentication and guest access in your .env:


There should be instructions on how to use these authentication types depending on what your install is.


I also would like to see this implemented!!
we use ldap authentication and we dont allow guest login. Every one needs to be authenticated to be able to use the app. I wish we could reserve the rooms in advance and protect them so no one else can login.

have you all tried the reservation system? I am a little confused about it if someone can explain it.
do I need to get my own reservation system and then jitsi will integrate by using APIs? or Jitsi has its own reservation system that can be enabled? if so, I was not able to make it work.

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Is there any option to plan conforences withour the calendar feature?

I would also love to see this feature implemented, especially if the parameters (everyone starts mute or no video) are saved. it would make a lot of sense for businesses: you plan your conference in advance, set it up and send the link a few days before it happens. Having to parameter everything a few minutes before it actually starts is kind of painful.

We customized our implementation to let users pre-create meetings.

When a user creates a meeting he can enter a name and optionally a password.
We’re storing this in a separate service. The meeting itself will have a random generated name like 43d0a1f8-e74c-47f5-b92c-97b46d5f5b0b.

The moment the first user enters the meeting we lookup the password (via the meeting url) and set this via a custom prosody module. This way you can have persistent pre-created meetings with a password.

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